Football bookings for Sherfield Park Community Centre

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I feel really privileged to be part of this exciting community facility and feel proud that I share the enthusiasm of so many volunteers and residents who have been tireless in their effors to get this amazing building established as a central focus for Sherfield Park. I think you will all agree with me that it is a fabulous building and a huge asset to this local community.

There are many fantastic groups at the Centre and there are many more activities and classes in the pipeline, with a focus on more 'community' based actvities. You can all show your support to the local groups by signing up for a class today - remember many are local businesses and residents so the community feel is ever present. With a permanent Nursery and now a Beauty Salon - we have everything we need -all we are waiting for is a shop!

I have really enjoyed getting to know many of you and am particularly overwhelmed by the community spirit that is so apparent here, everyone really makes an effort to get to know their neighbours and make friends, it has so far been a wonderful journey.

So whether you want to book a party, get fit and lose weight, enjoy an adult social evening or find some fun activities for your children, there will be something for everyone.

We are always in need of volunteers too, to ensure the Centre can be open at times convenient to everyone. So if you have a couple of hours spare a week or even a month maybe to man the Reception, help out at the Coffee Shop or if you would like to get an activity off the ground you will be greatly welcomed, please email



Candice Wright, Centre Development Manager



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